How this site works

Welcome to The Power of One site, we're glad you stopped by!

There are two ways to support our work and become part of the Power of One story:

1) Building Awareness and Raising Funds for St. Joseph's foundation and St. Joseph's Care Group.






If you're passionate about the work that St. Joseph's Care Group is doing, you can set up your own 'Champion' page to tell others about our good work and raise funds for a specific Project or Program. You'll be able to blog, upload photos and video, and spread the word to as many people as you like, sharing your story and ours in a way that gets other people excited about joining you in becoming Champions for St. Joseph's Care Group. Starting your own Champion page is free, and by signing up you'll be helping us raise awareness and funds for the Projects you're most excited about. Find your favorite Project and get started!

2) Giving to St. Joseph's Foundation

Anyone from anywhere in the world can donate to St. Joseph's Foundation through this site using our secure online payment system. Small or large, your donation will go a long way toward making St. Joseph's Care Group's good work possible. (And if you're eligible, we'll even send you a tax receipt) Whether you've been invited by someone else or you've found your way here on your own, we encourage you to find a specific Program, Project or Champion page with a story that you can get excited about. Should you decide to donate some of your hard earned dollars to support St. Joseph's Care Group's work, we'll ensure to the best of our ability that your gift goes to the specific initiative YOU want to support. And we'll make sure that the story doesn't end there by making every effort to keep you updated on the difference your gift is making.  

If you've read this and you've still got questions, check out our FAQs.